Hey there, friend!

Have you been trying to find us?

The local Mexican joint is a great place to start! If you make it there, we will probably be snacking on chips & queso and flirting with each other across the table.

Oh, so you are just wondering who we are?


We are Megan and Dallas, also known as Mom and Dad to our little Australian Shepard, Reese. We spend most of our time taking walks to our favorite coffee shop, cheering on our nieces and nephews at sporting events, beaching, or traveling somewhere new. We love a good ice cream shop and have crowned ourselves the Ultimate Ice Cream Judges. 

We both work full-time in Virginia Beach Education and love to spend any extra ounce of our time being creative with our cameras. We are ALL about pretty light, doing things a little bit differently than everybody else, bedtime snuggles, and living life to its fullest. Our nights are real wild when we turn on Trevor Hall (John Mayer and Nahko will do too) and cook up some Chicken Tacos in our two bedroom apartment. 

We believe in taking chances, practicing gratitude, giving grace, being silly, and celebrating the life we have been given. We will always take you up on a car ride with the windows down, a yummy pasta meal, and night of card games with family and friends. We'd rather be at the beach or the mountains than in a big city, but if we get to adventure then we'll be just fine!

Our life long mission is to be authentic, to encourage others' authenticity, and to love like we know God loves us. 

"If we want to make meaning, we have to make art."

-Brené Brown



We take pictures because they matter. It is more than a click of a button and posing. It is a way that we make meaning in our lives. In capturing others we get to make meaning of love, loss, and all of the emotions in between. It is a pathway in which we learn to love ourselves and others. It is a place that we get to encourage, celebrate, and support stories that are not our own. Because of these truths, we do take our job very seriously. Your life matters to us. 

Being in front of a camera is a very vulnerable place to be. It is scary and we know what you are thinking..."Are you sure I look okay? Is that one roll on my arm behaving itself? Am I smiling too big? Ugh...I give up..." We get it. It is vulnerable because we care about what other people think and we are wanna-be-perception-controllers. Here's the deal, even though its uncomfortable, we do not want to eliminate any vulnerability that happens. We want you to be vulnerable! Harsh? No! We want you to be your authentic self, just as it comes. We want your joy, your laughter, your tears too. 

We thrive in this place. This is when we get to create real, raw art. We will do this by chatting and getting to know each other, prompting instead of posing, and kicking our legs in the air when the magic happens. Don't be surprised when we become your hype squad and make fools out of ourselves. We do not expect you to do anything we have not done already.

Our Favorites


Seriously he is just the sweetest thing! We love taking him on walks and watching him nap in the funniest places. 

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