Why Comparison Matters

Hello, sweet friends!

Today I am diving into something very close to my heart! I hope you can go to this place with me!

My whole life I have always wanted glasses. I would beg and beg to go to the eye doctor so that maybe something would be wrong with me and I could get some snazzy spectacles. I guess I just wanted a little something to make me stand out. My little brother on the other hand, never knew that he needed glasses until my parents took him to the eye doctor at age five. At the appointment, the doctor said to them, “Wow! You should have brought him to get glasses when he came home from the hospital!” (that might be a little exaggeration, but when did hyperbole ever hurt anyone?) The funniest part of this story is that my little brother never EVER complained about his eyes. He just thought that is how the world was supposed to look. He did not know any different. This, my friends, is the problem with comparison.

So many of us live our lives comparing every little detail and blaming it on the fact that it is “human nature.” That it is unchangeable and organic. Some people go their whole lives never realizing that life could be so much greater (or clearer in my brother’s case). Comparison matters because it will not kill you, but it will keep you from living.

I do not know about you, but I have let comparison rule my life for eighteen years. I have let it tell me no and force me to tears. I have let it break me down and convince me to chain myself to my fears. It makes my stomach hurt and it aids me in hurting the people around me. That is why comparison matters.

Comparison matters because we do not even know we are doing it. We are not even aware of the life and freedom we could be living in. This way of thinking has consumed our minds, our jobs, our relationships, and our feelings.

“What is she doing right now?”

“Oh, she is having a better hair day than me”

“Oh, he is a better artist than me”

“Oh, she is skinnier than me”


“Oh, he is a better Christian than me”

All of these phrases matter because they are pulling us away from the very life we are supposed to live, and we don’t even know it. A life that can only be lived by you, well, should be lived by you. A life that has enough room and enough opportunities for everyone to prosper. A life that is supported by community and established in love. A life that is full of joy and constant peace.

I hear you all now, “Well yeah, great Megan we all want those things, but how are we supposed to get those?”

Drum roll please…BUM BUM BUM.

1. Start taking note of those thoughts that are going through your brain, that you have named "normal".

2. Establish and execute a lifestyle of thankfulness, which will start taming these thoughts. Without thankfulness, there can be no joy. And if you really get to the root of comparison, it is the abandonment of gratitude. Comparison looks at someone else (or something else for that matter) and says, “I STINKING WANT THAT” before ever looking back at ourselves and being thankful for what we already have.

Truthfully, I still struggle with comparison. Every-single-day. With my very best friend I compare myself. But wouldn’t it be nice if we started today (RIGHT NOW) with a new perspective? If every single time a comparative thought came into our minds, we

3. said “NO. I AM WORTHY. I AM ENOUGH. I AM RIGHT WHERE I NEED TO BE RIGHT NOW.” Affirming the person you are with the truth, which will remove these thoughts completely and remind them to never come back again (someone cue Tony Tough Guts).

After doing that about twenty-five million times in one day, I bet you a million dollars (please do not tell my Pastor Jim I am betting over here) that you will lead a far more joyful life.

That’s it. That’s all I got. That’s why comparison matters. It matters because there are new heights and depths to the Father’s heart, and even your own, that you are missing out on (AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT). This joyful life is FREE (might I add) if only you would be willing to humble your heart and put your foot down. This starts with you. It starts with your willingness to say no to comparison and yes to joy. It is a better life I promise, and I just started.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Never stop shining!

Marked by joy,


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