The Sun Came Out Just For Us!

Hello, sweet friends!

This fine holiday I am sharing a super fun photo session that happened last week! Liz and I had planned this session for a few weeks and when we saw all of the rain that was supposed to come into the Hampton Roads area, we got a little discouraged. The day of the session, we had to reschedule due to the gloomy weather. Then the rescheduled day came and GUESS WHAT? It was still raining…

That whole day, I was on my knees praying that weather away and we got closer and closer to the scheduled time, and it was still raining. I reluctantly messaged Liz and canceled the time we chose to reschedule (after she had put all of her makeup on and got dressed). AND NOT MINUTES LATER (I bet you can guess), THE SUN CAME OUT… With a little bit of embarrassment and a whole lot of excitement, I called Liz and we met on location just 15 minutes later. The rush and spontaneity that came with this session filled me up inside. On any other day, I would have been a hot mess express because the plans did not go my way, but this day, this session, and this sun made all of my worries go away! Enjoy!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Never stop shining!

Marked by joy,


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