Just Reminding You of Your Dreams-Making the Sweetest Content in Under an Hour!

Do you ever get stuck on what content to post? You've gone to every cute coffee shop and done that flat lay on your white sheets just one too many times (I am soooo guilty!). This Monday, I had a little bit of money + a little bit of time and I created some of my favorite photos LIKE. EVER. Dallas and I were running around town, like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find an outfit I needed for an event this week. Finally, we were exhausted and our last stop was Target. He looked at me and said, "Pie, do you want to get some treats tonight and stage a few photos?" Of course, I just went all googly-eyed + fell more in love and said, "WELL DUH!!" He is so a keeper!!

So in less than an hour, Dallas and I had picked up a few things, went home, and sprinkled until we could not sprinkle any more!! This mini project was so rejuvenating, so freeing, and so stinking FUN! There is just something about taking some time to be creative! I just cannot help but share with you how easy this is because I know it can be a treat for you too!

Now before I lay down these easy steps, I want to say that not every little project like this is only fun with sprinkles and pink mugs. The point of this is to take some time to put your dreams into action. To take less than an hour to put your style in a photograph! Let's get to it!

Step One: Materials

Your materials are going to vary with your style. I like pink, pearls, glitter, sprinkles, glamorous mugs + vanilla ice cream so that is what inspired my shoot!

First, you will need a flat surface. You can do this many different ways. My surface was a poster board with white linen stapled around it. You can use your wooden dinner table with a lighter table cloth, or a marble square from Home Depot. I prefer white because it reflects the light back onto my other materials + gives me that bright and airy glow!

Second, you are going to need some


For mine, I used cupcakes, donuts, ice cream +

a whole lot of sprinkles. You

can use different items depending on the season, the aesthetic

you are looking for, or any theme

your heart desires.

Thirdly, you are going to need some household goodies. I

used an ice cream scooper,

mugs, vases, + a wooden cheese board that I found around

the house. This is such a

fun way to get creative! You can

totally do this step without even

leaving your kitchen!

Now that we have all of our materials ready, we will focus on the location and set up!

Step Two: Location and Setup

First, you are going to need a WHOLE LOT OF LIGHT! For my photos, my location was the room with the brightest, natural light in my house. This light is going to give you really clean photos, with little to no shadows!

Secondly, place the your flat surface on the floor, or on a table, where you can take photos from above + level to the materials. This variety will give you so many options when shooting and a TON of different images!

Thirdly, strategically place your items on your flat surface! I like to start by placing the largest item first, so in my case, it was the wooden cheese board. I really just like to see it as a building project. Much like planning a party, take it one step at a time. You do not have to know what your " big vision" is to get started. I promise that if you are devoted to an hour of creativity, some really beautiful things will naturally unfold. The fear of starting will be the only thing holding you back. If you have your materials, just get going. I put down the wooden cheese board, stacked my donuts, placed my cupcakes where I wanted them + then added some sprinkles. By the end of it, sprinkles were everywhere and ice cream was melting in a mug!

Remember, this is your project + only you can do your project well.

Step Three: Shooting

First, this may seem silly, but charge that camera and put that memory card in its home! I know that seems obvious, but if you want to keep this under an hour, these are essentials!

Second, do not be afraid to take a zillion photos! I might be exaggerating a tad, but I am giving you every piece of permission you could ever need to take 100-200 photos, or more, during this time! The more photos you take, the more opportunity there is for that award piece! Plus, it is fun!

Thirdly, shoot with diversity. You want to get all different kinds of angles so that you can capture what you created in fullness. I like to start far away, or very high up, and get closer and closer by focusing on each item in the setup. This means I am standing on benches and crouching on my knees to get the perfect photo!

Finally, go at your own pace. I know I said you can do this in an hour, and you MOST DEFINITELY CAN, but if you have the afternoon and want to take three hours messing around with what you created, DO IT!

A Few Pro-Tips:

One thing that I love about this project is that you can capture it with a polaroid camera, an I-phone, or even the highest grade DSLR on the market. For those of you interested in the technical side of things, I used a Nikon D810 and a Sigma Art 50 mm f/1.4 lens. If you are shooting on a camera that allows you to shoot on manual settings, I encourage you to use a low aperture of at least f/2, to give you that blurred background while letting a lot of light into the lens.

For shutter speed, I would keep it at least twice the size of your lens to get really crisp photos. So if you are shooting on a 50mm, have a

shutter of at

least 1/100 to keep your

images stabilized.

For ISO, you can get creative. If you like moody photos, keep your ISO as dark as you like. If you like bright and airy, you can keep it a little higher. There was a lot of light from the two windows in my house so I kept it around 320. Truly, it is all up to your location and style.

If you choose to add moving items, like sprinkling sprinkles, you will have to really increase your shutter speed and adjust your ISO accordingly. I encourage adding a moving part just to increase the interest in the images. Also, I added a few mugs that have writing on them. These types of props will add a fun twist to your images as well.

Lastly, I used a reflector to bounce the light from the windows back onto the materials. If you do not have a reflector, you can always use a white

poster board and that will give you the same effect at home.

Step Four: Clean up, Save + Edit

First, clean up all of your sprinkles! HAHA. I had so many sprinkles on the floor I cannot even tell y’all!

Second, save what does not need to be thrown away! There are so many things you can keep and reuse for the next project! I saved a ton of cute polka dot napkins and of course my cute mugs! You will definitely be seeing those again!

Third, edit those puppies to your liking. I am definitely not going to tell you how to edit because we all do it so differently!

Step Five: Share + Dream

First, after you take your incredible photos, edit them to your liking, and clean up your mess, share these babies! These photos will be an awesome medium to showcase your ability in a super fun way. Even if you don’t show a single person, you have tried something new and expressed your creativity! Woo hoo!

Second, keep on dreaming up new ideas and new projects! If this is only your first one, you have a lifetime of creating so keep on going!

Goodness! That was A LOT! Here are a few more shots from my little project. Enjoy!

Wow!! Thank you so much for making it to the bottom!! I hope that you learned something new, or simply got a new perspective. I seriously could not do this project, have SO much fun, and NOT share it with you! I urge you to give this a try (You do not even have to get out of your yoga pants!) and share it with your friends. I am so glad that I said "DUH" to this fun little dream Dallas reminded me of. It was 100% worth it. Hopefully, I can be the same kind of reminder to you. Go chase them dreams!!

Thank you so much for stopping by! You are so loved, so cherished + created to create!

Marked by joy,

Preppy Pie

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