Welcome to the MD BLOG!

Part 1:

Hello, sweet friends! From the start of launching MD Photography, we always knew we wanted to make blogging a priority. Our blog is going to be made up of our most current work, our journey together as a team, and anything + everything photography. It would be really silly of us not to introduce ourselves and give a little back story for the new family around here! So here we go!

It is Megan here! Coming at you from a cozy couch on the most beautiful of snow days! Writing about the person I know the most (ME) is seriously the hardest thing I have ever done. So it helps that I have the prettiest view of outside through my window + Dallas makes the very BEST coffee!

My whole life, I have been described as the "sensitive one." The one who "cannot take a joke" and will "cry at just about anything." (I really did not mean to start this off with a gloomy tone, but we will get where I am going in a minute!) These descriptors are definitely not my favorite, but some of it is true. Yes, I am very sensitive. Yes, I probably cry every other day, but every one else failed to see the positive side of this! My sensitivity, (or passionate emotion as I like to think of it...) goes way farther than myself. Because God made me an emotional human, I have the honor to connect to humans through these constant fluctuations, whether the emotion is joy, tears, or a wave of hope. It is the avenue God gave me for genuine connection + building relationship. To discount these emotions and name them "ugly" would make me someone I am not meant to be.

If you want to get into a deep conversation, that may result in tears, CALL ME UP! If you want to jump + leap for joy over the new makeup you just spent way too much money on, SEND ME A TEXT! If you want to go on a long car ride and worship the Lord + talk about His faithfulness, GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER. I am here for it.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, (See I told you we would get here!) as a photographer who is quite emotional, I believe in capturing just that. While I do not think life is stuck in a box of emotions, I know that they are a way in which everyone around you can experience the true essence of your spirit. Your emotions, good or bad, give me, as a photographer + friend, the opportunity to capture the REAL YOU. No one else will experience life just as you have. No one else has your story.

More than anything, I want real, authentic, raw. Too many times, we put on "this face" for the rest of the world to see + later we go home and tear it off. Our friends ask us how we are and we say, "Oh so good!" even when our hearts are hurting.

I want you to know that in front of my camera, you can be without a mask. You can be free. You can be you, emotions and all. You are worth it.

Thank you for listening to my heart.You are a blessing to this world.

All of my Aloha,


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