Twenty Lessons Learned by Twenty

Friends! Happy Thursday!

I am so happy to be back to the blog after a little break! This past weekend was full of relaxation, good food, and quality time with the hubby, and this past Sunday was extra special because it was my 20th birthday! Birthdays have always been really BIG in my family. My Momma always goes ALL out, which have created some of my favorite memories growing up! This year was so different. While I got to celebrate with my family two weeks ago (and my Momma got to go ALL out then), this weekend was simple. No big trips or concerts, just the pool, our favorite TV show (Are you guys watching "Queer Eye" ?!!? SO SO good!), and a yummy Italian dinner! So so thankful! These past couple of months have been a whirlwind, from weddings to big trips, but it feels like this birthday was a landmark that brought me back to the ground. I am right where I need to be and reflecting on where I have been!

For this blog post, I am going to be sharing 20 things that I have learned over the years. At first, I felt a lot of pressure with writing this post because I only have 2 decades under my belt...what do I have to share?! I got to thinking though...every single human being still has more to learn (thank goodness), but that reality should not stop us from sharing our stories! So, here I go! I hope some of these make you giggle, hit you right in the core, and help you remember how wonderful you are! Enjoy!

1. Naps are not my thing. I kinda wish they were, but then I remember how ugly I get when I take them. I wake up wanting to argue and sass every body and their brother! Please tell me someone else has this problem!

2. If you leave your shoes at the front door and find yourself having to put them all away at the same time, at least put one pair on while you are carrying the rest to their home. My dad always says, "It is easier to wear it than carry it." I'd say he has the right idea.

3. Never feel silly buying your new favorite dress and wearing it out of the store. A moment of judgment is always worth just a second of joy (but I bet you'll be stoked the rest of the day for making this fearless choice)!

4. Sassy is not always funny. I used to be sassy ALL OF THE TIME because that was an easy way to make others laugh. It was not until someone was sassy to me that I realized it is not always as funny as we think it is. If only one person is laughing in a room of twenty, it probably is not meant to be funny! I am still working on this for sure!

5. Jesus is faithful. Every single time. He is faithful in heart break, in death, in joy, in school work, in business, in politics, in relationship, in division, in fear, in frustration, in marriage. He shows up, even if you do not see Him.

6. Recovering from perfectionism is a long long long road, but it is worth every mile!

7. It is okay to treat yourself, really! Like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Target, Marshalls, and Tanger Outlets all in one day! That is what I am talking about, but balance is key!

8. Memory gifts (like tickets, season passes, trips, etc) are always more precious than a material thing. Promise.

9. School is not the most important thing in life (This is coming from a future teacher!) Yes, do you need to try your best? Heck CHA, but A's do not define you.

10. How busy you are has nothing to do with your worth, it just means you have more to do + you will probably be super tried.

11. There has to be A WHOLE LOT MORE behind your business than the desire to be successful and make that money.

12. When your brother is twelve, he will still be a little boy, whether he likes it or not.

13. OWN IT. Be yourself as much as you can. Own that family nickname that really does mean so much to you (Pie is the nickname my WHOLE family calls me and it has become a mark of freedom, joy, belonging, and peace!), tell your story, be that friend, be confident, and brush the bad guys off of your shoulder. You can do this!

14. Freedom, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gratefulness, relationship, connection, vulnerability are all a choice we are capable of making. It just might take a little effort.

15. Marry someone who calls you by your family nickname, laughs at your jokes, holds you when you cry, and pushes you to be undoubtedly, uncontrollably YOU.

16. Stop the comparison, put your phone down, and believe in the season you are in!

17. We are all made for relationship. We all want to be loved, seen, and heard. Let's try to meet in the middle? How about that?

18. Be honest with yourself, rest, and give a little grace.

19. LAUGH whenever you can, cry when you need to, and do them together when the moment allows. (Every time Dallas really really makes me laugh I cry my eyes out!)

20. Choose The Father, and all that He is, above all else.

21. Bonus: This Blog Post is not going to be perfect and if I keep editing it, it will never go up! So here I go!

I am a Sappy Momma and I am okay with it! I hope that you can relate to one of these lessons above because that is what this is about...connection. My hope for this upcoming year is that I choose connection and relationship over anything else, in my marriage, business, and every day life. Will you join me?

All of my Aloha,

Megan Johnson

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