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Happy Thursday, sweet people!!

To us, there is nothing in this world quite like a good community and today we are chatting about a REAL GOOD community. Monday evening, I got the opportunity to capture a night of Hot and Holy Prayer. The first Monday of every month, the sweet ladies you will meet below host the women of Virginia Beach for a night of worship, encouragement, authenticity, and prayer. It all started with a small group of women and the Holy Spirit. As you will see throughout the blog, there are now more than a few women attending monthly to meet God and love on His daughters!

If are you a woman looking for a place full of raw, real, lay-your-pack-down kind of love, this is the place for you. If you are a mama, grandmama, aunt, daughter, cousin, sister, friend, this is the place for you. If you are looking for the presence of God in a yard full of women hoping for the same thing, this is the place for you!

I really could write and write about Hot and Holy Prayer all-day-long, but I would rather just show you! The joy, the hospitality, the vulnerability, the grace, and the endless surrender of each of these women is written all over their faces...Enjoy!

Let's just start with the most perfect view....RIGHT?!

Hot and Holy Prep- always pretty candles and some refreshing water!

These ladies are the vessels for Hot and Holy Prayer! If you do not know them, you should! Such beautiful women!

They do such a beautiful job of welcoming others in! How INVITING?

There is a place for you!!

These ladies are what they call HOTTURNS! They assist in praying, prepping, and welcoming all of the attendees (and honestly so much more!)

HOW PRETTY?!?! This has been such a cool opportunity for me because I get to photograph beautiful things + beautiful people while worshiping my Jesus!

You are welcome here!!!!

So many incredible women all in ONE place!


The most incredible worship...seriously!!

Women share their hearts the entire night- so many incredible stories!

Be that LIGHT! YES!

If you are at all interested, catch up with them on social media (I mentioned them below!) or send us a message over facebook / instagram! I know know know that they would LOVE to have you!

Thank you so much for reading!

All of my Aloha,

Megan Johnson

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